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This section will see the descriptions of the work in which I have worked for customers.
Game Developer:
Inamika Interactive

Augmented Reality-Unity 3D: Android, Android-football game:

Programming of gameplay, UI and functionality of Vuforia.

I worked in programming the game and also their interface functionality.
I also did the whole Vuforia within Unity 3D integration. With their respective Targets (Image Target, Cylinder Target, Multi-Target) to run within Android.

3D virtual simulation to train nurses.
I conducted all main functions of the Simulator gameplay programming.
Both avatars and interactive objects, GUI, import elements, etc.

Also worked my post of programmer in a virtual 3D Simulator, where I hold the main, functional programming all the project and optimization of it. Both gameplay and the part of TUI, with Unity CS 3D technology.

Videogame Programmer:
Widow Games

Working mode- Freelance

Genre: Cards/Football.

Platform: Android.

Augmented Reality-Unity 3D:

I am in charge of integrating all the animation within Mecanim system.

Main scripting of gameplay of the game.

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